Wonderful Redcliff Residence

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To live in a residence near the beach is a good choice. This residence surrounded with the green grass and green plants so you can enjoy the fresh air everyday in your life. From this residence, you also can enjoy the perfect sunset and sun rise on the beach clearly. This two floors residence located in a hill near the beach. Having a beautiful living in this wonderful Redcliff residence will make you feel like having vocation ever day. 

The facade of this wonderful residence looks perfect. The walls finished in bricks, pour concrete, tempered glass, and also wood. This residence also has nice fence that protect this house from the precipice. Beside the location is perfect on a hill near the beach, near this house there is the main road. It makes you easier to go everywhere you want to go. Alongside this house, there are some green trees. 

This residence also completed with veranda. On the first floor there is a veranda. The floor of the veranda finished in Mahogany laminate flooring. This veranda also fitted with comfortable sofa and its round table. There is also a set of wooden chairs with its square table. You can enjoy your morning tea in this veranda accompanied with your favorite magazine or news paper. 

Inside this house, there is a dining room. The dining room completed with the dining table. It is square and made from wood. The dining table also completed with some chairs. There are some beautiful white pendant lamps hanging on the roof upside the dining table. The walls and the roof mostly painted in white. The dining room also completed with a beautiful painting hanging on the wall. The kitchen is in one room with the dining room. The same with the dining room, this table is also finished in white. The kitchen island, the kitchen cabinet, and the kitchen appliances mostly is in white. The furniture arranged neatly.

The living room completed with comfortable sofa. there is also a fireplace on the corner side. The living room fitted with some beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. In addition, this house also completed with outdoor pool.

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