Wonderful Modern Apartment Design


Living in a modern apartment can be the best choice to get the comfort and safety in your life. Beside safety and comfort, modern apartment also offers amazing interior and exterior design to make you feel at home every day. The design is suited with your personality, preferences and need. However, living in an apartment is a good choice for young generation today. They prefer to live alone in an apartment than to live in her/his house. This modern apartment is the best choice for you to live in.

The interior design of this modern apartment is simple and classy. The bed room looks perfect with its round bed completed with white quilt and some pillows. Behind the round bed, there is a white wooden cabinet hanging on the wall. The lighting comes from the floor wall on the left and right side of the white cabinet. Besides that, there are also some wall lights arranged neatly and vertically on the roof. There is also some beautiful flowers on your corner side. This bed room completed with a comfortable white rocking chair too. The walls mostly painted in white and grey. However, the floor is finished in pour concrete.

This apartment also completed with living room. The living room has comfortable sofa and there is a TV hanging on the wall in front of the sofa. Behind the TV decorated with the unique pentagon decoartions. The floor in this room finished in black and white ceramics. This rooms looks simple and classy. IN addition, this apartment also completed with the fitness room. You can have a healthy life by doing fitness everyday. The walls covered with cool wallpaper while the floor finished in laminate flooring. 

The bathroom completed with the high quality furniture. This bath room has shower, bath tub, mirror hanging on the wall, and the others. Beside the grey walls there is also bead-board to divide this bath room with the other room. The bead-board made from tempered glass. The bath room looks amazing with its shower. There is some lighting on the shower, so it looks classy too.

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