Popular Project Designs


There are some most popular project designs that can give you the inspiration to create your own. Let’s see from the Lily Hotel Maldives. This hotel is like a resort with the amazing scenery. The location is also perfect that is in a small island surrounded with the blue sea. You can enjoy the perfect sunset and sunrise right from this hotel. The design of the building is different with others. The design is like a stage with some poles to support it. This building is laid upside the blue water. From one room to another, there is a hallway made from wood to connect them. This place will be the best choice to spend your holiday.

The second is the MarksCaride Residence. Inside this residence, the rooms is finished in white both the walls and the roof. However, the floor is made from laminate wood. What make this building looks great is of course the walls. The walls are like covered with wallpaper. The pattern is nice in floral with assorted color. For example is this study room. This room is design in a modern style. There is a white table attached with the white wall with the upside of the table there are two permanent shelves that can be used to save your books collection. The lighting comes from some blue wall lights on the white roof and a beautiful yellow pendant lamp. This room also completed with a nice color sofa with the same color cushions.

The last is a modern apartment design. Do you want to live in a modern apartment? Well, you can decorate the living room in the same design with this one. The living room mostly finished in white from the walls to the slopping ceiling. This living room fitted with modern white sofa completed with white and grey cushions. This sofa is mated with a round wooden table on the middle with a vase of beautiful flower on it. The sofa and the table located upside the white fur rug while the floor made from Mahogany laminate wood. The white wall lights and the beautiful floor lamp make this room looks brighter.

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