Yagamata House Design

Yagamata House Design

For you who like unique things, this house can be a good choice for you. This Yagamata house design looks unique from the, design, style, and also the appearance. This building looks like a case. However, this building is tall and it has a window on the top side. The window is rightly facing the sun. So inside this house, the sun light can make you enjoy the sun light from your house. The facade of this house is also difference with the others since mostly the facade of the other house has some tempered glass windows, but it does not. Mostly, this Yagamata house wall covered with bricks and painted in white. 
Yagamata House Design

The garage of this house is on the left side of the house. The garage is divided with a wooden fence from the house. However, this garage does not have roof.  However, inside this house, there is also an indoor garden. It is full with green grass and plants. They grow well since the sun light can pass through the tempered window.  The garden is fenced with the tempered glass too.
This house is quite large. The floor is made from Mahogany wood and finished in high gloss style. The wall lights make this house brighter and look modern with the simple white staircase. This four floors house consists of base floor, first, second, and third floor. So, it is wide enough for you to live in. At this entire house looks unique and modern. Moreover, the loctaion is strategies and near the main road. At all, it is a perfect choice for you as a place to live in.

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