White Garbage Can


White Garbage Can

In this modern live, everything is easier with growth of technology. All of livings aspects are influenced by the growth of technology, from the simplest one to the most complex one. The food also developed well. Now, there are so many types of food that you can get for your launch, breakfast, or dinner. You can choose whatever you want. The growth or development of food types also has bad side that is the rubbish. The more foods you consume, the more rubbish you will produce.

Related to that mater, in order to keep your environment clean and fresh you should be wise. Do not littering in everywhere you go. You should put the rubbish on the garbage can. You also can teach your children to have a good habit to put the rubbish on the garbage can. Healthy life started from a good healthy habit.
The development of the technology also influenced the garbage can development. Some years ago, people used the garbage can that made from wood or even only put the rubbish on the hole and then buried them. As the time goes by, the materials and the design of the garbage can developed well. Most of garbage made from plastic. Usually the form is round like basket and some have covering plate.
This garbage can looks clean and modern. This is finished in white and has three types of covering plates. The function of each is also different like to put plastic rubbish, recycle rubbish and the others. The shape of this garbage can also simple and classy. The entire body painted in white, however, the footing finished in green. You do not need to open the garbage can with your hand. Just put your foot on the footing and then push, the covering plate then will be opened so you can put the rubbish and take down your foot and it will be closed again. Simple right? Starting from now on, you should keep in mind that healthy life starting from good habit, the simplest one is that put the rubbish on the garbage can 

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