Unique Original Elevator


Unique Original Elevator

TO build a tall building the architect will consider many things. The interior and outdoor design, the furniture, the appearance, the durability, the function, and also the color of the building should be considered. There are some tall building, usually the office, department store, apartment, and also hospital. 

In building a tall building usually completed with staircase and or elevator. The design of the elevator is varied. Usually, tall building used modern elevator design to make the building looks wider. However, there are also some buildings that have unique, classics, or even mix design. The materials for the footsteps and the fence of the staircase also varied wood or pour concrete. Moreover, the color also varied based on your preferences or favorite color.
This building has unique elevators. Different with the other building that usually the elevators are keep clean without painting, the painting is usually in silver. However, these building’s elevators are covered with original painting. This original elevator is like covered with wallpaper. The door of the elevator is totally painted in white and then there is also people painting in the middle of the elevators’ doors. The person painting is in black, and the expression and the pose of each is different. The left and right side of the elevator doors if they are closed they will form a whole person painting.
These original elevator designs are really unique and different with others. Moreover, the walls beside the elevator also can be painted in assorted color so that the building will look fresh and colorful. Or even, the wall also can be painted with various shapes in a different color. This design will make the building different with the others. 

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