Unique Hypercubus design


Unique Hypercubus design

This Hypercubus design is really unique. The facade of this building is great with mostly tempered glass wall so that you can enjoy the outside green view from inside this building clearly. There is a staircase on outside this house that connects the front yard with the entrance door. The staircase is fence with iron on its left and right side. This building is surrounded with the green grass and green plants so you can get the fresh air and shady sense every day. What makes this building unique is of course the design; this building is built leaned over the backwards. 

Inside this building, mostly the walls and the roof painted in white. However, the floor finished in grey rug. The roof is design in slopping ceiling. There is a bed room with unique design too. The loft bed is comfortable enough for you to have a rest. To reach the loft bed, there is provided a simple staircase made from iron with holder in its left and right side. Under the bed can be used to put some other furniture like sofa or chairs completed with table since it is wide enough.
Beside the comfortable bed room, this building is also completed with bath room. The bath room furniture has high quality. The shower, the bath tub, the wash basin, the toilet are well arranged and well design. The bead-board of this bath room to the other rooms used tempered glass. The wall lights make this building brighter.
To get the fresh sensation inside this building, you can paint the walls and the roof in green or violet. And have the same color of the quilt with the walls and roof, Moreover, there is also a TV hanging on the wall behind the bed. The windows in this building also finished in tempered glass, it is easier for you to enjoy the outdoor green view from inside your unique building. For you like to have unique building, this building can be a good choice for your inspiration or even you can modify it based on your need and wants.

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