STACT Modular Wine Wall


STACT Modular Wine Wall

For you who fond of drink and collecting wine this place will make you interested so much of course. To save the wine collection in a safe place is a must. You should safe your wine in the right place to avoid them from the bad temperature and the other factors that will change your wine taste. This place is the best choice for you to safe and displays your wine collection. There are some options to arrange your wine in a good storage.

This can be the first alternative. Put your wine on the STACT based on its taste. The STACT arranged neatly in two lines vertically. It is arranged based on its taste starting from the walnut, electric orange, pure white, white oak, piano black, and also zebrano. The STACT made from wood with different laminate color. There are also some STACT that finished in high gloss and hanging on the wall. The STACT has some divider to put the wine bottle.
The wide STACT also can be hanging on the wall. This wide STACT can load so many wine bottle around fifty to a hundred wine bottles. The STACT is hanging on the white wall and there is also a modern comfortable rocking chair. You can take the wine easily and then enjoy it on the rocking chair. The floor of this room made from laminate flooring and in front of the rocking chair the floor covered with unique fur rug. It is like fur rug from a deer.
The next STACT is like in a bar. There is a really wide STACT hanging on the wall. It can load hundreds wine bottles. It is completed with long bar table and some wine glass on it. There are also some unique bar stools. The walls and the roof finished in white. The lighting comes from the pendant lamp upside the bar table.
There is also simple STACT that can load around fifty wine bottles. It is located near a wooden cabinet. This room also fitted with a green plant on the left side of the STACT. There is also some comfortable chairs that can be used to enjoy the wine. The floor finished in laminate flooring. You just chose the one type that suits with your need and want.

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