Modern Bar House Design


Modern Bar House Design

This bar house design is great and looks modern. This bar house is big enough. This building consists of ground floor and first floor. The facade of this building is different with the other building. It looks modern and classy. The wall in the front side mostly finished in tempered glass and pour concrete. The front yard, the left and right side of this building covered with the green grass. It makes you can enjoy the fresh air ever day. However, there is also a part of the yard that covered with pour concrete and then there are some holes on this floor to plant the green trees. The shine of the lighting makes this building brighter.

Moreover, this building also completed with indoor pool. It is wide and long enough for you to swim in. After the swimming pool, there are some set of chair and tables in different types and style. To divide the pool with the other room there is a tempered glass bead-board.
Inside this house, there is also a staircase. It looks so gloomy with luxurious design and footsteps. Moreover, the staircase also has fence made from tempered glass. The floor near the staircase finished in white ceramics and some parts are covered with grey fur rug.
The living room is nice with the black sofa and table that will make you feel comfort to spend your time here. The sofa also completed with a yellow arm chair and a floor lamp on the right side of the arm chair. The walls in front of the sofa are painted in grey and there is a TV hanging o it. Inside this room, there is also a set of dining table with its chair. They are finished in high gloss black, so it makes it looks classier and more modern. Moreover, there are also some assorted color flowers near the dining table. It makes this room look beautiful. The lighting also comes from the wall light. In addition, there is not only a set of sofa inside this house, there are also some sofa with different color and design.

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