Luxurious New York Residential Building


Luxurious New York Residential Building

This New York Residential building is not only looks luxurious but also looks modern. This building is quite tall with some floors. The facade of this building is great with the tempered glass walls. There is also veranda in each floor. Each floor completed with windows too. The veranda is fenced with iron. The left and right side of this building finished in bricks without painting. Outside this building, there is also a staircase. 

There is also luxurious living room. This room completed with comfortable sofa and wooden arm chairs with assorted color of cushions. The floor finished in laminate flooring and the floor under the sofa covered with white fur rug. The sofa and arm chairs fitted with a square table with beautiful flowers on the table. The walls and the roof in this room are painted in white. This room also has permanent wooden shelf. It is used to safe the books, art works, and also photo frames. There are also a beautiful painting and a mirror hanging on the wall near behind the sofa. The lighting comes from unique floor lamp.  On the corner side, there is also some colorful flowers. It makes this room fresh and beautiful.
In the living room, there is not only a set of sofa. There is also the other sofa This sofa is looks more modern with calm color. The walls near this sofa made from the tempered glass, so you can enjoy the outside view clearly from this house. There is a also a green trees near this sofa.
The dining room looks simple but classy. This dining room completed with square dining table and fitted with wooden arm chairs. A beautiful pendant lamp is hanging on the roof right upside the dining table. There are some painting and art works hanging on the walls behind the dining table. The kitchen is in a room with the dining room. This kitchen fitted with high quality furniture and modern cutlery set. They are well arranged and looks classy and modern. The same with the other room, the floor also finished in laminate flooring.

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