Fabulous Chenequa Residence


Fabulous Chenequa Residence

This fabulous house looks amazing. It is not only the design that makes this house perfect but also the location. It is located in a green environment. This house surrounded with green grass and green plants so you will get the fresh air every day. This fabulous house consists of ground floor and first floor. Moreover, there are also mechanical room, study room, laundry room, lounge, bar, gamed room, gymnasium and also garage. Beside this house looks fabulous it is also classy. It can be seen from the facade and the roof that has unusual design. That is what makes this building different with other building.

The facade of this house looks great. The wall is finished in bricks, pour concrete, wood laminate, and also tempered glass walls. The veranda is quite large and fenced with iron. The veranda design is in curve. The roof of the veranda made from pergola but the design is in arched roof. And it makes this house classier.
The living room is comfortable. It is quite wide and completed with black sofa and table. The floor under the sofa and table covered with white fur rug. The floor finished in high gloss laminate flooring. To divide this room with other room, there is a bead-board. It is finished in white and there is a wooden cabinet behind it. The roof is in slopping ceiling. The wall lights make the room brighter. This room is fenced with high gloss iron in curve design.
The bath room and the kitchen inside this house are also amazing. The bathroom fitted with high quality shower, bath tub, wash basin, and also the design is worthies as in the five stars hotel’s bath room. The kitchen completed with Kitchen Island, furniture, and also cutlery set. Most of them made from wood and they are well arranged. There is also a set of wooden dining table completed with its assorted color of chairs. The walls of this room made from tempered glass and bordered with high gloss wood, so you will see the outdoor scenery clearly. The floor, the roof, and also the lighting are also the same with the other room inside this house.

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