Big Police Headquarter office

Big Police Headquarter office
This police headquarter office looks great and tall. It has many floors. The facade of this building is also simple and classy. It is like an apartment with some windows on the wall. ON the front yard, there is a tall wall written “POLICJA”. There are also footsteps fenced with iron. It is can be used to go and out of this building. In the front yard, this building also completed with the green plants so that it look fresh and shady.

The front desk’s room looks simple and modern. IT is completed with a flat TV hanging on the wall behind the waiting chair. The waiting chairs are in blue and white. Those are like arm chairs and also is like bar stools. The same with the chair for waiting chairs, the color of the front desk table and chairs are also blue and white. The table is quite long. The floor finished in black style. However, in front of the front desk, it is covered with fur rug. Beside it looks modern, it is also looks classy. The lightings comes from wall lights, it makes the room brighter.
This building has some staircase. Near the front desk, there is also staircase. The footsteps finished in black and grey. It is also completed with iron fence on the left side of the staircase. The bead-board inside this building made from tempered glass and also bricks with white paint. The bead-board is like a giant window inside the room. At all this office looks simple and modern. It has nice design as a police office.

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