Beautiful Mountain Retreat


Beautiful Mountain Retreat

Having a vocation is a good choice for most of people to refresh their mind from their busy day. There are some places options to spend your free time to have a vocation, one of them is mountain. Mountain provides you fresh air and green view, so to build a beautiful mountain retreat is a good idea to enjoy your vacation in a mountain every day. 

This beautiful mountain retreat is designed beautifully. The facade of this building is also nice; you can enjoy the green view of the mountain from this building. This building surrounded with hills with their green trees. This house is quite big and there are some rooms inside this building like wide bed room, modern kitchen, comfortable living room, laundry room, bath room and also roof garden.
Let’s see the living room. This room is completed with comfortable grey sofa and puff. Under the sofa and puff, the floor covered with beautiful white fur rug. Mostly, the walls in this room made from tempered glass so that you can enjoy the outside garden clearly from inside your house. There are also some big round poles. The walls and the roof finished in white. The wall lights make this room brighter. The same with the living room, the bed room is also comfortable enough for you to take a rest.
The kitchen looks so modern. IT is fitted high quality furniture, Kitchen Island, kitchen cabinet, cooking appliances, and also beautiful cutlery set. They are arranged nicely and neatly. The dining room is inside in this kitchen. The dining table made from square ceramics and it is completed with some bar stools. The same with the living room, the lighting also comes from wall light.
Furthermore, this mountain retreat also has roof garden. This garden is on the roof of course. This garden is a perfect place to see the amazing Mountain View. To reach this garden it is easy since there is a staircase that will connect you. The footsteps made from bricks and it has iron fence. Actually, this building is perfect for you to spend your free time.

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