Beautiful Google London Office


Beautiful Google London Office

Have you ever imagine how is it like the Google office? Well, this office looks great and amazing. The design is not only modern but also classy. The facade of this building is nice. The walls made from tempered glass and it make this building looks classier. The tempered glass bordered with black iron.

The front desk of this Google London office is also great. There is word “Google” hanging on the roof. The roof made from wooden pergola. The wall lights make this room brighter. The entire wall on the front of the desk covered with British flag. The waiting sofa is comfortable and completed with a TV hanging on the bead-board, so it will make you stand in this place. The front desk is painted in white. It is fitted with two computers. The floor of this room finished in cast and the color is like the wood’s color.
There are some waiting rooms in this office. All of them will make you comfort to stand in. The first is the colorful waiting room. This room fitted with comfortable brown sofa with its colorful cushions, a nice rocking chair, and unique red table. The roof painted in white and the lighting comes from the wall lights. This room also completed with some assorted color of pendant lamps. The floor of this room is covered with beautiful fur rug. This room also has big white poles. Moreover, the bead-board also covered with flower wallpaper pattern.
The next is the round room. The entire of this round room is covered with white curtain. This room completed round sofa with assorted color of the cushions. The floor finished in laminate flooring and under the white sofa, the floor covered with white fur rug. The white beautiful pendant lamp is hanging on the room. Besides, this round room there is a wooden cabinet surround the white curtain. It is used to safe and displays the books and other files.
However, this office is of course completed with comfortable meeting room. The front yard of this building covered with green grass and plants. There are also come arm chairs and table on the green grass. 

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