Amazing Rooftop Coach Art Installation


Amazing Rooftop Coach Art Installation

Most of people like to have a unique building. However, the category of unique is varied and different for each person since they also have different personality. Unique building not only can be seen by the interior and exterior design, the furniture, the style, the painting, the facade, or the others. This amazing rooftop coach art installation has a unique rooftop. There is a bus on the roof. Amazing right? Have you ever imagine there will a bus lying on your roof. This is real. From a far distance, this house also looks great. A bus is lying on the building’s room.

Moreover, this building has strategies location. Near this building you can enjoy the beautiful sea view. You can get the fresh air every day. Around this building, there are some beautiful buildings. Those building have nice design like a small castle.
The facade of this building is also nice. The walls are made with the bricks and also the glass. The wall painted in white. The tempered glass as the wall is completed with the iron skeleton. The tempered glass wall is in curve. Not only had the walls, the doors also made from the tempered glass. This big building also fitted with some tempered glass windows. This big building consists of ground floor, first floor, and second floor.
In addition, on the second floor, there is also a veranda. It is wide enough. From this place you also can enjoy the blue sea view clearly. There are some tempered glass windows faces the veranda. The floor of the veranda finished in cast and the pattern is like laminate flooring. This veranda also fence with iron and bricks painted in white too. Actually, this house is unique, besides it bus rooftop.

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