Images for Classics Storm Cottage Design


Images for Classics Storm Cottage Design

Staying in a cottage that offers beautiful scenery is excited for some people. This cottage looks classics. However, this cottage surrounded with the green hills with some green plants and grass. You can enjoy the fresh air every day. The facade of this cottage looks classics and classy. The front wall mostly cover with the tempered glass wall and bordered with black wood. The roof made from pergola and it looks nice. The veranda of this cottage is quite wide and the floor made from laminate flooring. And there is also a comfortable rocking chair on the veranda. You can enjoy the green view around the cottage and also enjoy the fresh air. 

Inside this cottage, there is comfortable living room. This room completed with modern sofa with assorted color of cushions. Besides the sofa, there is also a set of wooden table and chairs. The lighting comes from the wall lights and a floor lamp on the right side of the sofa. The floor of this room finished in high gloss laminate flooring. This room does not have windows, but most the walls used tempered glass faced the beautiful lake. You can enjoy that beautiful view from inside your living room. 

The bed room is simple and classy. The furniture arranged well. The bead-board of this room used laminate wooden. The bed is quite wide and fitted with white quilt and white pillows. The lighting comes from wall light and floor lamp on the right side of the bed. There are tables on the left and right side of the bed. This bed room also fitted with a wooden shelf or cabinet. It can be used to safe your clothes or towel. There is also wall hook to hook your clothes. The floor is the same with the living rooms. It is finished in laminate flooring. Moreover, the wall also covered with tempered glass. 

This house has a quite large yard. The front and back yard covered with the green grass and the green plants. And cottage fenced with wood. Actually, it is a classics and classy cottage to stay in.

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