Glass house design architecture


Glass house design architecture

Glass can be used to create many things. It can be used to cover the windows, doors, or walls. In addition, the tempered glass also can be used as roof too. The tempered glass is a multi-function material. And it will have nice appearance if it is well design and arranged.

First, It can be used in the veranda. All of the walls covered with the tempered glass and also the roof. It makes the veranda looks wider. Here, the tempered glass bordered with wood. And the wood painted in white. At all this looks nice and simple. You can have this for your veranda. It will be better to locate it on the left or right side. 

Next, you also can use the tempered glass to make an outdoor garage. The design of this outdoor garage is unique but classy. The shape is like a semicircular without a door. The garage looks firm even made from tempered glass. The garage also has iron skeleton. It will be better to locate this garage on the left or right side of your house.

The tempered glass also can be used to build the roof and the wall to cover the outdoor furniture beside the pool. Under the roof, there can be placed some chairs and tables, or even puffs for enjoy the sun light. Moreover, the tempered glass also can be use to make the pool’s roof. This will make the pool look unique but also nice. The tempered glass has multifunction. And it is suitable to mate this tempered glass to the other materials.

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