unique house designs and floor plans

unique house designs and floor plans-This house is unique and different with the other house. However, this rustic house also looks unique garden design and classy compared to the other rustic house design. This house has two floors, the ground floor and the first floor. So, it is quite wide big for your family.
This house consists of two buildings, the main house and the balcony. They are divided. 

The mini house is unique, the facade covered with glass and wooden layers. Inside this house, there is a simple white bed and there are some paintings hanging on the wall. Beside the bed there is a closet from glass. The floor covered with unique rug. This house also has yellow back door. The slopping ceiling looks good on this house.
The facade of the main house is nice. It looks simple and well arranged. The color from the metallic and the wood surface added with glass wall make a good color combination. This rustic house also has wide front and back yard. IN the front yard, there is fitted with outside furniture like arm wooden arm chairs and table. The right side of the house used as the garden. It covered with the green grass.
The living room looks comfortable with soft sofa. Under the sofa, the floor covered with rug. There is also a cabinet beside the wall. It is used to safe the book collection and photo frames and the other.  The lighting comes from the wall lights. The dining room is near the living room. It is completed with big wooden table and white chairs. Upside the table, there is a beautiful chandelier. The kitchen is also near the dining table. It is completed with white furniture like Kitchen Island and cabinet.
Moreover, the staircase is also painted in white and it is fenced. The fence is on the left side and made from iron.  The bathroom is also looks neat and nice. The furniture is well arranged. This rustic house is nice and comfortable for you who like simple design.

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