The recyclable cardboard furniture


The recyclable cardboard furniture

Buying new furniture for your new house probably is the best choice for you to complete your house. However, you also can be wise and think creatively to create your own furniture with the materials you have. You can use cardboard to make your furniture. 
 The cardboard is easily formed so that you will get the best shape for your furniture. The cardboard can be used to make a set of table and also cabinet. This table made from cardboard; however it still looks good and nice. You can use the table as your work place just by completing it with the chair. You can work here, put your laptop and any other things you need. To make it looks nicer you also can add floor lamp on the left and right side. Near the table put an arch lamp to make your work place brighter.
The other option, you also can create the cabinet from this cardboard. The cabinet is useful to safe your books, stuff, magazine, art works, photo frames or any other you want to safe or display. Furthermore, you also can use the cabinet as a cupboard to store your clothes, just by adding the doors.
To get the more beautiful furniture from this cardboard you also can paint the furniture in white, or whatever your favorite color. Don’t forget to match the color with the room you want to put it on. So it will have a good combination color. You can use this recyclable cardboard furniture in your work place or even in your bed room.

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