Sustainable town house


Sustainable town house

There are many types of house design. To buy or build it of course you choose the most suitable one with your own need and want. This house is possibly suitable for you who look for town-house types. It is quite big and classy. The facade of this house is looking fresh with some green plants in the outdoor garden. This two floors house is fenced with mixed materials; there are wood, iron, and also bricks. The front wall of the first floor made from high gloss finished wood. And the second floor veranda fenced with tempered glass.

Let’s see the indoor parts of this house. First, let see the dining room and the kitchen. The kitchen is in one room with the dining room. This room is paint in white. The kitchen and the dining room have high quality equipments, furniture, and also cutlery sets. The kitchen island is well arranged and made from wood. This kitchen island is completed with transparent bar stool. The wooden table and chair of the dining room finished in high gloss. This room also fitted with wooden cabinet and some art works on it. This kitchen also has a TV hanging on the wall near the cabinet. The floor is from ceramics.
However, this house has two dining rooms. The one is the kitchen and the other is near the living room. This one is look more modern with most of the furniture made from tempered glass, from the table, the chair, and also the cutlery set. The pendant lamps are hanging right on the upside of the table. 
Moving to the living room, this room is comfortable enough for you to spend your free time. The brown sofa fitted with red square table. This combination color looks perfect. The walls made from black concrete bricks and decorated with so many photo frames hanging on it. There is also a TV on the black walls. The permanent wooden shelf looks classy in this living room. It can be used to display your photo frames or other art works. 
The bathroom looks quite wide since most of the wall made from tempered glass. The floor finished in high gloss laminate flooring. The wash basin and the bath tub are arranged perfectly in this room. The lighting comes from the wall lights. 
The bedroom finished in white. The floor made from high gloss laminate flooring. The bed and the quilt are white. The floor lamp is also white. At all this town-house looks perfect.

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