Sunwell Muse Kitasando


Sunwell Muse Kitasando

This is an amazing building with the beautiful architect design. The good point also the location is in the city. Sunwell has strategies location of course since near the main road. The facade of this building looks different with the other building.
Sunwell is covered all with the walls without the windows. The shape of this building is also unique. Actually this is two buildings and almost merged. The outside walls of this building is painted in white while the inside parts are not painted. It still has natural bricks appearance. Between the two buildings, there is built a small road to divide this building. However, it is not a real road that can be used by all of people. It does not used as the real road does.
The inside of this building is quite large. The floor and the wall have the same pattern and color in one side. However, the other parts near the staircase, the floor are finished in laminate flooring. The footsteps are made from high gloss finished wood and it has iron fenced in its left side. The wall in the right side of the staircase made from laminate flooring, the same with the floor. There are so many wall lights that can make this room looks brighter.
Going up through the staircase, you will get to the second floor. This room is different with the first floor. The floor here is made in ceramics. However, the wall is the same with the previous room. The round wall lights make this room brighter.

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