Scandinavian Apartment Design


Scandinavian Apartment Design

This apartment has great view. You can see the green hills and the other residence near yours. There are some tall buildings near the green hills. You will get this view every time you enter your room. You also will get the fresh air from the green hills. It is actually a perfect place to live in.
This apartment mostly painted in white color. The corridor is full with paintings hanging on the wall. And the floor covered with grey rug. This apartment is quite big and there is permanent shelf on the white walls. It can be used to safe your favorite books, your magazine collections, art works, picture framed or whatever you want to put on and display. The roof is in slopping ceiling design and painted in white too.
Near, the permanent shelf, there is a set of comfortable grey sofa completed with some cushions. This sofa mated with white round table. There is also wooden cabinet and the TV is put on it. The bead-board behind the TV painted in white. This room has good combination color. There are also some flowers behind the sofa. Under the sofa, the laminate high gloss finished wooden flooring covered with grey fur rug.
The window has unique design. The shape is a half round and it covered with tempered glass. The borders also painted in white. Near the window also attached wooden shelf to put the flowers, so that they will get enough sun light. Actually, this apartment is the best choice for you want to live in a perfect place with good quality of furniture and also amazing outdoor view.

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