Resort House Design

Resort House Design-This house is big and located near the sea. The facade of this house is perfect with large garden covered with green grass and plants. There are also some coconut trees in front of this house. The front yard is fenced. There are some beautiful lighting in the front yard.

This house completed with outdoor pool. The pool is in front of the house. Alongside the pool there is a hall way. Near the pool, there are also some balconies with comfortable puffs. The pool also decorated with big stones. The stones are put between the pool and the puff. After swimming you also can enjoy sun bathing in this puff. Moreover, form this angle you also can see the beautiful waves of the sea.
The living room looks classics and classy. This room completed with high gloss wooden arm chairs. The chairs completed with the colorful cushions. The lighting comes from wall lights. It makes the rooms brighter. Not only the chairs, but also the floors make this room looks classics. It made from ceramics. There are some wooden cabinet beside the wall. It is used to put the photo frames and porcelain.
This house has some bed room. One of the bed rooms is quite large. It is completed with white bed and quilt. The TV is on the wooden cabinet in front of the bed. Moreover, there is also a fan upside the bed hanging on the roof. The walls are made from tempered glass so that you can enjoy the sea and garden view clearly from your bed. There is also comfortable rattan arm chair in the corner. The floor lamp is on the left and right side of the bed.

The bathroom and the kitchen facilities are like in a five stars hotel. The furniture is well arranged. Moreover, this house also fitted with billiard and fitness center. 

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