Pooping dog lamp

 Pooping dog lamp
Do you like unique furniture to fill your amazing house? Or do you want to give your best friend anniversary or married gift? Or even do you like collecting unique furniture? Well, here we have a suggestion. You can use this furniture as a gift or even you can use it as a multi-function art works to decorate your house. Yes, this is the pooping dog lamp. Besides you can use it as a lamp, you also can display it as an art works.
There are two pooping dog lamps. The dogs are completely in black and so did the lamp covers. The dogs have different size, the big and the small one. The big dog is standing in the floor and the lamp is on its head. It is suitable to put this pooping dog lamp in the floor. 
However, the small dog is lying on the square white shape. This is can be used as a floor lamp or you also can use it to decorate the house. It is suitable to put this pooping dog lamp in your bed room. You can put this pooping lamp on the left and right side of your bed. 
However, for you who afraid of dogs by having this pooping lamp you will not afraid anymore along the time goes bye since you will look this pooping dog lamps every day. It will decrease your afraid feeling of course. On the other hand, it is up to you to choose the location for these pooping dog lamps.

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