Penthouse Urban Garden

Having a new house or even buying a new house is maybe what many people want to do. In buying or building the house, you will consider many things. They are from the materials, location, design, furniture, durability, appearances, garden, and also the color of the paint.  All of them are the most important factors from a house or a place for living in.

This Penthouse Urban garden has a unique and amazing design. The fresh air and the sun light can be enjoyed every day. This house can be penetrated by the sunlight. So, there is a green garden in this house.

modern roof garden design

This house consists of two floors, the lower ground floor and the ground floor. The lower ground is used as the bed room, living room, bath room, and also garden. However, the ground floor also has indoor garden and also living room.
The facade of this penthouse is perfect. It is surrounded by green plants, green grass, and also beautiful colorful flowers. The front yard and the back yard also covered with laminate flooring. Mostly, the ground floor wall made from tempered glass and bordered with wooden painted in white. Near the roof, the wall used laminate flooring and arranged well. The roof of the lower ground covered with tempered glass. And the same with the wall it is bordered with wooden painted in white.
The living room is really amazing. It is completed with comfortable brown sofa fitted with its cushions with the same color. The sofa also has a unique table. It made from wood in sectional and well arranged. The bead-board used high gloss wooden finished and glass in some parts. The floor finished in laminate flooring. Under the sofa, it is covered with the rug. Near the sofa, there is a big white cabinet. It is used to display the photo frame and also for saving books.

The bed room completed with white bed and quilt. The pendant lamps are on the left and right side of the bed of each. The wall behind the bed, covered with amazing wallpaper. There is also a staircase near the bed room. The footsteps made from wood and it is fenced.

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