Nautilus Table

Nautilus Table

Nautilus Table
For you who have just built your own house or even buy a new house of course you want to fill your house with some good quality of furniture. Or for you who want to change your old table with the new one, this Nautilus table can be the best choice. Not only has good quality, this table also unique and amazing.
This Nautilus table made from wood. However, the most interesting is the shape. It can be formed like snail and then covered with tempered glass on the top side, or it can be formed like a spinning fan and then covered with the tempered glass.
Well, this table is unique. The form is like a snail. Both the front side and the back side of the snail can be used as a table top surface and then covered with the glass. This Nautilus table is different with the other table, beside it has unique form it is also strong and has long durability.
You can put this table to complete your comfortable sofa, puff, or sofa bed in the living room. However, it is also a good choice to put this table on the veranda to be mated with the arm chairs. This table is flexible since it has natural color so it can be combined with colorful furniture or the other furniture that made from wood or any others.
This Nautilus table is perfect choice for you who love to collect antique furniture to complete your amazing new house.

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