Nannai Resort and Spa


Nannai Resort and Spa

Having a vocation in a resort near the beach is a good choice to fresh your mind. The fresh air, the blue sea water, the waves, the wind are good for you to enjoy. This Nannai Resort and Spa is the perfect place to stay in.
The location is right near the beach. It is wide and has many buildings in a different land. The one building is divided with the green garden, coconut trees, or even outdoor pool. Each building fitted with an outdoor pool actually. The pool is well arranged so that beside you can enjoy swimming in the pool you also still can see the blue beach clearly. The building fitted with an outdoor staircase to go to the main entrance door. The building fenced with wood. And it also has wooden wall finished in high gloss. The outside parts of the roof covered with straws.

nannai resort brazil

The bed room is perfect. It has white dominated color. The bed, the quilt, and the curtain finished in white. The bed also has poles and white curtain. The poles made from round wood. The floor made from ceramics. This room also fitted with puff and a wooden table. Under the table, the floor covered with fur rug.  The roof is unique since it made from pergola. The lighting comes from floor lamp located on table near the bed. This room also fitted with wooden cabinet.
This building is also fitted with kid’s room. This room fitted with children plays ground. There are also two computers and white board. This room is comfortable since it is also fitted with an air conditioner.
This resort also has a fitness center beside it has a romantic restaurant. The restaurant is a perfect choice for you and your beloved one to have a dinner with so many delicious menus.

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