Multi-function chair


Multi-function chair

Do you like collecting antique furniture? Or do you like filling your house with antique and amazing furniture? Each person has different personality and need so the need of the furniture for the house is depend on them. 

For you who looking for antique furniture we have a good recommendation for you. Or maybe you are looking for a gift for your friend marriage. This is the best choice. 
This is wooden multi-function chair. It is made from Mahogany wood. The design is unique and nice. It can be used as chair in one side and also the other side also can be used as table by turn the top to down and the down to top side. For the table side, it is wider than the chair side. 
The form of this chair is like a wine glass. The wood is curved and then finely pounded to get the soft surface. This unique design will make you enjoy your time to spend in this chair for long time to read your favorite books or magazine. 
Take one chair to sit and then take the other chair and then turn away the top side to the down side and you can use it as table to put the other books you want to read and also to put your drinks. 
This chair is quite flexible. It can be placed on the veranda or balcony. So, you can enjoy morning tea there. Or you also can put on the back yard near the garden. Moreover, it is also perfect to put this chair on your breakfast nook.

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