Modern White Apartment


Modern White Apartment

Live in Modern White Apartment for some people is a good choice. This can be a safe place for living. This apartment looks modern and mostly painted in white. The veranda is a cozy place to spend your free time. It is equipped with wooden arm chairs. For more comfortable sitting you also can add sponge to laminate the chairs. You juts need to chose colorful types so that it will look fresh. The wooden table is unique with some layers and finished in high gloss. The floor covered with fur rug. This veranda also equipped with wooden cabinet and there are also some green plants.
  The dining room is all in white from the chairs, dining table and also the other furniture. This room is equipped with white wooden cabinet, wooden shelf, and also some paintings hanging on the wall. The floor made from white ceramics and covered with white rug under the dining table. Beside the wooden shelf, there is also white permanent shelf on the wall. The beautiful pendant lamp is hanging upside the table. The windows are from tempered glass. This room fitted with antique white ceramics cabinet. 
The study room is comfortable enough for you to read your books. It fitted with white sofa and its colorful cushions. Under the sofa is covered with white fur rug. The books shelf is hanging on the wall. The lightings come from white pendant lamp and floor lamp. The floor finished in laminate wooden flooring. There is also two pots of flower on the window.  The living room is simple. There is a comfortable sofa with some colorful cushions. This sofa also fitted with white round table. Under the sofa also covered with fur rug. The lamp is unique which is like a lantern. All the wall side and the door painted in white. There are also some paintings hanging on the wall. 
The same with the other room, the kitchen also mostly in white. The furniture and kitchen island are well located. The arrangement is perfect so that everything in this kitchen looks neat. The closet is filled with some shoes and bags. The laundry room, the bed room and the bath room also has high standard furniture and equipment. 

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