Modern Madrid house design


Modern Madrid house design

Building a new house today, you will get so many sources of amazing and creative house design. You chose the most suitable one with your want and need. Factors to consider the selection design for each person is different since each has own personality, style, and also need. Here is a modern Madrid house design. It has two floors. The design is really impressing. Moreover, it has good quality from the indoor and also outdoor furniture. 

Starting from the living room, this room is completed with white sofa and some black cushions. In addition, there are also two pink arm chairs. It has two tempered glass square table. The table full with some art works. A wide a painting is also hanging on the wall. There is also a big shelf. It made from wood and finished in high gloss. It can be used to safe your collection books. The floor pattern is unique and nice. The high gloss finished wooden cabinet is near the pink arm chairs. The wall is made from tempered glass, and you can cover it with brown curtain.
Behind the black bead-board, there is an artistic table. The table looks beautiful since it is done in engraved. On the table are laying blue pineapple and artistic clock. There are also some pink blossom flowers. It really makes the room nice with the flowers. The floor is covered with fur rug. The staircase is on the corner and it fenced with tempered glass. There is an amazing art work near the staircase.
The dining room looks classy. It is completed with wooden chair and square glass table. The beautiful chandelier makes this dining room look classier. Move to the bed room, this room is wide enough. The bed has white quilt and assorted color of pillows. The wall painted in brown and white. The floor lamps make the room brighter. The floor finished in laminate flooring, while the roof is in slopping ceiling style. This bed room also equipped with arm chairs and cabinets. The bathroom located inside the bed room divide with tempered glass bead-board. The entire house looks modern and classy.

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