Modern Green Architecture


Modern Green Architecture

This Modern Green Architecture is big enough for you and your family. It has two floors with its ground. The facade of this modern eco friendly homes looks amazing with white wall paintings and green grass covered the front yard. The design of this house is unique and different with the other house. It can be seen from the fence. The fence surrounded the house made from tempered glass. 
 Moving to the back yard, there are footsteps from the entrance door to the yard. The yard covered with the red bricks. Besides that, this back yard also has outdoor garden with green grass. The back side wall is also painted in white.

The living room is comfortable with sofa and its colorful cushions. There is a long cabinet near the white wall. The upside wall near the white cabinet covered with the tempered glass. It makes you see the scenery outside your house clearly. Besides the sofa, this room also has a set of wooden table and arm chair. The roof painted in white and the floor finished in laminate flooring. The pendant lamps and the floor lamp make the room brighter.

The kitchen looks modern with the white kitchen island. The kitchen cabinet, wash basin, sinks, and the kitchen appliances arranged neatly. The kitchen has wide tempered glass windows. Some wall lights shine brightly in this room. The two door freezer perfectly located in near the corridor wall. Different with the living room, this kitchen’s floor made from brown ceramics. The dining room is in one room with the kitchen. The dining table made from ceramics and it fitted with white chairs.

The staircase is unique. The wooden footsteps fenced with some small iron painted in white. The bed room is on the second floor. This room is comfortable for you to rest. The wide bed with white quilt is perfectly mated. There are a wooden cabinet and floor lamp in the left and right side of the bed. The square wall light is right under the bed.

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom also looks modern with its bath tub, closet, shower, and shower curtain. Actually, this house is a perfect choice for you to live in.

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