Luxurious Resort Design


Luxurious Resort Design

Spending your free time to have a vocation in a beautiful beach with blue water and beautiful waves and then stay in a luxurious resort can be a good option for you and your family. This resort offers the blue sea view with its white sand.

The facade of this resort looks perfect of course. The entrance door and the fence are like in a castle. It is completed with some green plants and beautiful light. Beside looks classy, this resort also looks classics from the high gloss finished wooden arm chair and the straws hanging on the roof. This is completed with beautiful blue chandeliers hanging on the roof. Near the door, on the left and right side there are antique porcelains.
The veranda also looks perfect with outdoor pool completed with some sun bathing bed and their umbrella. You can enjoy swimming and then enjoy the sun light in this place. At all, the most perfect thing is you can see the blue sea water clearly from this angel. The veranda also offered you to have your breakfast or dinner with a romantic sensation. It completed with some sets of classy table and chair. The lighting comes from the beautiful chandeliers hanging on the rood. The roof made from pergola and covered with the straws in the outside parts. The poles are big and painted in white.
You also can relax in the balcony by sitting in the antique arm chairs and then looking at the decorated tree. The tree has some beautiful decorations things in red. And the floor made from wide ceramics. In other side, there is a comfortable place to make your body fresh that is the spa room. It has good quality puffs and white quilt. Moreover, there are some beautiful candles spread around the puff. The poles and the roof made from wood.
The bed room, bath room, living room is also perfect with their best furniture and best arrangement design. This resort also completed with fitness center. Moreover, you beside the sea view in the front yard, there is an outdoor garden in the back yard. The garden is full with green grass and some coconut trees. It is a perfect choice to choose this resort to have your vocation.

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