Luxurious Barcelona Hotel Design

This five stars hotel looks great with its luxurious design. The facade of this building has unique shape, which is like a half of semi circular. Most of the facade covered with glass. This building has so many floors and rooms. The outside view of this hotel is amazing; you can see the beach in front of you from this building. You also can enjoy the waves and the sea air clearly.

This hotel completed with large hall. This hall is really comfortable. This room completed with high class furniture like the sofa, arm chairs, and beautiful wall light, floor lamps, and also arch lamp near the sofa. This room is fenced with tempered glass and the great staircase fenced with iron.
This hotel is also fitted with outside pool. It is large and wide. The floor surrounded by the laminate flooring. Moreover, alongside the pool there are some sofa bed on the left and right of the pool to enjoy the sun bathing time. The garden covered with the green grass and the coconut trees planted neatly.
The lounge of this hotel is also comfortable. It is completed with luxurious brown sofa and fitted with beautiful colorful cushions. The floor finished in laminate flooring and under the sofa covered with brown fur rug. The windows covered with metallic pink curtain. The white stacked table is well mated with the sofa. You can display some art works on the table.
The corridor of this hotel is unique but gloomy. There is some yellow wall light alongside the wall. They are looks like candles’ light shady and romantics. And then, this hotel also fitted with a fabulous restaurant. It can load so many people. There are some set of dining table and beautiful chairs. It is also fitted with long wooden table and its rattan arm chair. They look unique. The lighting comes from the pendant lamp and white wall lamp.
The bedroom has nice design and of course it is classy. The bed room has high quality furniture too so that you will fell comfort spend your night here. It is also completed with TV on the cabinet. The window in the bed room can be covered with brown curtain.

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