Instructional System Design


Instructional System Design

This Carey house design is a good choice for you who want to build stages of instructional design or maybe as a reference to buy your house. This house has three floors. The facade of the house looks nice with some different walls style. The front walls mostly made from tempered glass. There is also stone bead-board near the outdoor staircase. The footsteps made from wood and the staircase also fenced. The outdoor staircase brings you to the entrance door. In the front yard, there is a small green garden and fenced with well arranged stones. The shine bright of the lightings makes this house look fabulous.

instructional designing, as you can see mostly the doors and the windows made from tempered glass and have white borders. The living room looks perfect with a comfortable white puff completed with its cushions. The cushions have the same color with the puff. There are also red arm chairs near the puff. The ceramic floor under the sofa and chair covered with fur rug. The TV is in front of the Sofa on the permanent shelf. In the corner, there is a fireplace. The lighting comes from modern arch lamp. There is a pool beside the house. The outdoor pool fenced with tempered glass. 

Behind the puff, there is a staircase. The footsteps made from wood and it is fenced with temper glass. And then you can go up through the staircase, and you will find a comfortable room with comfortable sofa too. It is fenced with tempered glass. 

The kitchen and the dining room are in a room. The kitchen has high quality furniture and kitchen appliances. The dining table is white mated with wooden chairs. It has a good combination color actually. The chandelier is hanging on the roof upside the table.

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