Ingeniously Designed Two Floor Apartment With Decadent Accents


Ingeniously Designed Two Floor Apartment With Decadent Accents

Located in a charming apartment building in Gothenburg’s Kungsladug√•rd area, this 51 square meter two floor apartment apartment spreads over two levels. Wooden floors are highlighted by natural sunshine bouncing off white walls.

Two floors Gothenburg Apartment Design

This apartment is different with the others. It looks simple but still classy. This apartment consists of two floors. So, it is quite suitable for you to get wide space for your living. This apartment has many rooms.
Now, let’s check the living room. This room is also simple and nice. The furniture is well arranged. It is fitted with comfortable blue sofa and its colorful cushions. There are also wooden arm chairs finished in high gloss style. The table is also made from wood and the shape is round. The lighting comes from beautiful white and blue pendant lamps and black floor lamp. The TV is on the white cabinet near the white wall. There are some paintings hanging on the wall. The floor finished in leak wood laminate flooring. And there is a small fur rug covered the floor. The windows’ borders painted in white and covered with tempered glass. There is also a wall hook; you can use it to hook your clothes and hat.
The staircase is near the sofa. It is unique and totally painted in black. Near the sofa there is kitchen without any bead-board panel to divide the room with the living room. The kitchen has good arrangement and the kitchen island made from wood and then fitted with bar stools.
The bed room walls painted in white and this is a loft bed type. The quilt looks nice combined with assorted color of the pillows. There are tables in the left side and right side of the bed. The lighting comes from black floor lamp. Moreover, there is also white cabinet to store your book or others. The beautiful paintings are hanging on the wall near the bed. The floor is finished in laminate flooring. This room also completed with arm chairs and table. The nice pattern rug covered the floor under the chairs. The bathroom is simple and fitted with shower, bath tub, and also mirror hanging on the wall.

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