IKEA SHIN MISHATO-Business area usually is located in a busy area. And sometimes, the architect who designs the building does not considered the green environment. They just build it based on their needs without even considers the environment condition. Most of them also do not left some green space to keep the air fresh and clean from the pollution. It is an important point to build a business area but most of them neglected it.  

On the other hand, this IKEA SHIN MISHATO as a great building considered that factors. It still keeps the green environment. In the left and right side of the yard covered with the green grass. It also has amazing building design. Moreover, the location is quite strategies. It is near the main road.
The facade of this building is looks great in blue and yellow color. The wall on the facade mostly painted in blue and the IKEA letters written in yellow.  The color combination is nice and looks perfect, blue and yellow color. The facade also has tempered glass wall, so you can still see the outside view of the building clearly. It has so many floors and of course it is tall.
Moreover, this building is also surrounded by iron fence. The fence is not too tall; it is around a half meter.  In order to reach this building door entrance door, there is build a road to connect the door entrance and the main road. Alongside the road, it is also fenced. The fence has the same color and design with the building’s fence. On the left and right side of the road the space is covered with the green grass. Actually, at all this building looks perfect seen from the facade and surrounded area.

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