hollywood behind the scenes walking tour


hollywood behind the scenes walking tour

Celebrating our 15th anniversary, Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes is a world renowned experience that connects visitors with the Hollywood they imagine.
hollywood behind the scenes walking tour
We are sure that you all know Hollywood or at least you have heard about this word saying by some people in real life, in the television or even you look at the magazine or other printed media. Or maybe have you ever go to Hollywood hill? Alright, we will look at behind the Hollywood hill. 
This Hollywood hill is a famous place. It is also a beautiful place to visit. From this place of course you will find letters HOLLYWOOD written in a giant size. These letters of course has strong foundation so that they are safe even there is a storm or thunder. Can you imagine the size of each letter? It has a giant size of course. 
From this Hollywood hill you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise clearly. Or probably it is possible for you to spend your free time with your beloved one here. This hill also covered with grass and other green plants. However, for the dry seasons the green grass and plants will look dry and dry. 
Amazingly, you also can enjoy the city view in the morning or even in the night. In the morning of course here you will get the fresh air and in the evening you will get the beautiful city view from the lightings. There are so many lightings and from a far distance they are looks like thousand stars shine brightly. This view will amuse and keep your eyes to stay focuse look at this view. 

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