Hinge House Design


Hinge House Design

This big house has two floors. The facade of this house looks perfect. The front wall is not only made from bricks but also from tempered glass and wooden layer. Most of the windows made from tempered glass, and the door made from wood. The front yard covered with green grass and small green plants along the way to the road. The green plants planted neatly. Moving to the roof, it looks nice since it made from pergola. The middle part of the house has round design. It has a good combination with the other parts. The lighting in the facade comes from the wall lights.
Moreover, this house also has a beautiful veranda on the second floor. The veranda is quite big with some nice furniture like puffs and table, and flowers. The floor covered with the fur rug. This veranda fenced with tempered glass.
Moving to the inside, the staircase looks amazing. The footsteps made from high gloss finished wood. It also has fenced and painted in white. This staircase connects the first floor to the second floor.
The living room looks classy. The wall painted in white and this room completed with comfortable sofa fitted with some cushions. There is also wooden cabinet near the wall. The white bead-board divides the living room with the dining room. The dining table and chairs arranged neatly. They are look elegant. The wooden dining table is square and quite big. There are some orchids on the table, so it totally perfect. The wall lights make the room brighter. The floor made from wooden laminate flooring and finished in high gloss style.
The kitchen looks modern with high quality furniture and kitchen appliances. The kitchen island surface covered with glass. The kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, the wash basin and pantry are well arranged. The wall painted in soft color, the same color with the kitchen island. This kitchen also has a set of dining table and chair. They are made from wood.
The bed room is perfect. This room finished in mostly white painting and white quilt. It is combined with assorted color of cushions. The door is design like the Japanese door. However, it made from glass.

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