green home design ideas


green home design ideas

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Building a new house, you should consider your environment. It is good to keep your environment green. You will get the fresh air everyday in your life. This house for example, there are still some parts of the environment near the house covered in green grass. There are also still many green tall trees. The facade of this house looks classy with some wooden poles and tempered glass walls.

This two floors house has two sides. The first side, the first floor finished in tempered glass with some wooden poles. And the second floor is finished in natural looks of the bricks. However, the other side of the house is finished in white painting. The entire wall is painted in white and also the poles. This side house has veranda, on the other hand the roof is untreated. 

Look at the inside of the house, there is staircase to go up and down in this house. This staircase is simple, finished in brown and white. It also has strong fence and painted in white. The floor is finished in high gloss wooden laminate flooring. However, there are some parts covered with fur rugs. There are also some paintings hanging on the wall to decorate this house.

The dining room looks classy painted in white and completed with some blinks furniture. The dining table made from wood and it is equipped with white chair. The lighting comes from unique chandeliers and wall lights. On the corner side of this house, there is a piano and the roof is in slopping ceiling. The wall covered with tempered glass so you will get the garden view clearly. 

The back side of this house looks simple and there are some tempered glass windows. The borders are painted in white too. The wall has natural bricks appearance. And there are stone footsteps in the back yard from the door till the garden. 

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