greatest modern architects

Amazing places with amazing and great modern architects will catch your eyes to keep looking at it. There are so many greats place to look at when talking about top modern architects. The place with greatest architecture of course will be famous and memorable. 

There are some famous modern architect who create and build greatest creation in this time. First is starting with Frenk Gehry. He created an amazing place that is the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo center for Brain Health. This building is located in Las Vegas. The facade of this building finished in metallic color and like having many windows. The flicker design make this building apparently will collapse. However, it looks great.
The Louvre museum by I.M. PEI is an amazing museum. It is like a modern pyramid. The outside of this museums made from glass, so it really looks classy than the other museums. This amazing museum is also surrounded by great classics buildings. It makes this place is not only function as a museum, but also many people going there only for vocation. Besides Louvre, I.M. PEI also created the great National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado.
The next, Mies created comfortable Barcelona chairs. This chair will make you comfort and it is finished in black. Beside, this chair, the greatest things also the crown hall and the Barcelona pavilion.
Besides those buildings, there are still some greatest place with greatest architecture design like National gallery of Canada, Arab Hallway, Arab World Institute, Densu Buildings, and also Chrystal Cathedral created by Philip Johnson, who also created great glass house.

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