Great Porsche pavilion


Great Porsche pavilion

Visiting a luxurious car pavilion is interesting. Have you ever done it? This Porsche pavilion not only looks great but also amazing. It has the best architecture design and also has good location. It is strategies, of course in the city.
However, even the location is strategies it is also consider the environment. It keep the eco-friendly and natural style. In front of this pavilion you can see the pure lake water. So the air here is always fresh and good for your health.
Besides the natural lake, this pavilion is also has green outdoor garden. The garden covered with green grass and some tall green trees. It is shady and will make you comfort to spend your time for a moment in this place. The scenery of course will catch your eyes to keep looking at it.
The pavilion design is unique and also amazing. It has different style with the other pavilion. It has some fabulous long staircase to sit in. And moreover, there are some green plants on the staircase.  It is painted in white. And near the staircase there is a way to go down to the car place. This way is fenced with tempered glass. The more amazing things can be seen from the roof. It is unique and unbelievable. The shape is like a giant curve wall. Amazingly, there are so many luxurious and limited editions Porsche parking inside. This place is amazing and will catch your eyes to keep looking at.

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