Clopen shelf by torafu architects experiment


Clopen shelf by torafu architects experiment

Clopen Shelf by Torafu Architects: Experiment And Design · Exquisite Exotic Resort-Alila Villas Soori in Bali by SCDA Architects.

 Clopen Shelf

Buying or building a new house will make you think to fill it with much good furniture. There are so many options to you. You can choose the amazing, the unique, the beautiful, the simple, or even the classics furniture for your house. Match your choice with your budget and house design. This Clopen shelf is a good choice for you to complete your new house. It is simple and nice. 
This Clopen shelf is actually made from Mahogany wood. This shelf is in high gloss finished. This shelf can be hanging on your wall. Then you can use the top surface of this shelf to display or safe your favorite book collections or art works, or even photo prames. This shelf has medium size; it is well mated in your wall. It is not to wide and to long, so it is suitable to place it in your corridor, bed room, and living room. 
This Clopen Shelf consist of two parts, the out surface and the inside storage. It can be opened and closed. The inside parts can also be used to storage your jewelry like necklace, rings, earring, and also bracelet. However, you also can use it to safe your important things like passport, or even your car key. In addition it is easy for you to safe your things here since it is equipped with key.
However, it is also easy to open and close this Clopen Shelf since there are two holders in the left and right side of the storage. Moreover, it is also easy to tall on this Clopen shelf to the wall. The backside of this shelf consists of attachment part that can be attached to the wall. At all this Cloppen shelf is a good choice for you who want to complete your house with nice furniture.

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