citizens design bureau architects


citizens design bureau architects

Interior Design, Living Room Design, Wooden Wall, Modern House, White Brick. Extravagant Modern Fireplace as Contemporary Decoration: Clean Lined Built 

Modern House Carver Design

This modern house looks so big and wide enough. The facade is really beautiful. The first floor wall made from well arranged stones and the second floor wall covered with tempered glass. The veranda in second floor also fenced with tempered glass and the design is like a half round. At all it looks perfect.
The front yard looks so fresh with the green grass covered the land and there are also stone footsteps arranged neatly in the garden that connect the entrance door to the wooden gate. The garden also has some tall green trees. It is a perfect garden to get the fresh air in your house. The garden also fitted with outdoor furniture like comfortable brown chairs with their tables near the footsteps.
Inside the house, the stairs looks classy. The footsteps painted in brown while the fence made from square tempered glass put on each foot step. Near the staircase there is a beautiful art work.
The living room is so comfortable fitted with white sofa completed with its cushions in the same color. The floor made from high gloss finished laminate flooring, while the lighting comes from wall lights. Under the sofa covered with nice fur rug. The dining table is inside the living room. A set of table and chair made from leak wood finished in black. It is a nice combination color with the sofa in a room.
The kitchen is well arranged. The wall made from stones. The kitchen island, kitchen furniture, kitchen cabinet, the wash basin, and also the kitchen appliances have high standard quality. This room also fitted firt a set of table and its arm chairs.
The bedroom is classy. Mostly the furniture is in white color. This room has slopping ceiling and beautiful floor lamp. There are some paintings hanging on the white wall. This bed room fitted with sofa and fireplace. There is also a white cabinet to display your art works. The veranda looks perfect completed with comfortable puff to enjoy the sunlight and also enjoy the sea view from your house. It is also equipped with giant white umbrella.

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