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Having a vocation in a resort in a small island surrounded by the sea is a good choice to spend your free time. In this place you can get the fresh air and amazing scenery from the white sand and the blue sea. This amazing place can be found in a Maldives Resort. This resort has beautiful and classy design. It is really perfect as a choice for spending your vocation.

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This resort is building upside the sea water. The water is blue and clean. There are some buildings, and there is also hallway to connect one building to the others. Moreover, there are also some balconies. A balcony completed with the sofa bed. And it has four wooden poles painted in white. And it is fitted with white curtain. The floor of the balcony made from laminate wood. And besides the balcony, there is a staircase that can be used to feel the water and event you can use it to jump to the sea and go for swimming.

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The facade of this building is also great. Mostly it is used wood, bricks, and tempered glass as the wall. Inside the building, there are also some bed rooms. The bed room is of course classy and has the same facilities like five stars hotel. It is completed with high quality bed and pillow, cabinet, mirror, and also a painting hanging on the wall. This room also has sofa and its colorful cushions. The floor under the sofa and the bed covered with the beautiful fur rug. This room also has a veranda.. This veranda completed with wooden arm chair and table. It is completed with candles light. You also can enjoy the sea view from the veranda.

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This resort also provides outdoor barbecue or romantic dinner. You can have a romantic dinner on the white sand near the blue water. There is a white table completed with wooden arm chairs. The lighting comes from candles surrounded the dining table. The barbeque place is also on its left side. At all spending your free time here to have a vocation is a perfect choice.

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