best house designs in the world photos

best house designs in the world photos-Living in a classy modern residence is of course will make some people happy and enjoy their live. This residence is still and comfortable enough for you to live in. Design beside unique is also classy. The facade of this house looks great painted in white. This house completed with outdoor staircase. It connects you from the entrance door to the front yard. The staircase is painted in white too. This front yard also completed with a small simple garden, but it is nice.

Moving to the back yard, this place is amazing with a long and wide outdoor pool. The pool is as long as the house. There is also a beautiful white bridge on the middle of the pool to connect the back door to the back yard garden. The garden is full with green plants. Most of the back side walls made from tempered glass, so it will make you easier to see the pool and green garden from inside the house. The back doors made from wood and painted in black. The lamps arranged neatly on the white roof. The floor in the back side veranda covered with laminate flooring. Moreover, on the veranda left side, it is completed with wooden arm chairs and table. There is also a quite tall green plant near the arm chairs.
Inside this house there is also completed with classics piano on the corner. And then there is also wooden cabinet beside the wall. It is used to display the art works and also the other things. There is also a dining room. This room completed with dining table and chairs. The pendant lights are right on the upside of the tables. This dining room wall’s made from tempered glass and it can be covered with the curtain.

The bed room and the kitchen also have modern furniture. The design of these rooms also looks modern. They are arranged neatly and nicely. There is also wooden cabinet near the staircase. It is used to safe and display the book collections. At this entire house is a perfect place to live in.

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