beautiful design house with sea view blue sea


beautiful design house with sea view blue sea

 Blue sea water view house design

Living in house near the sea is a good option. You can enjoy the sea view complete with the waves and the beautiful sunset and sunrise everyday clearly from your house. It will be enjoyable. 

This house is right in front of the sea. It fenced with wood. Moreover, it has wide frot yard and back yard. The facade of this house looks amazing. There are two outdoor pools. Both the pools are in triangle shape. In addition, the pools also equipped with puff to relax your body after swimming or even just the enjoy the sunlight. The floor near the pools made from ceramics. It has soft color. The veranda has some lazy chairs, puffs, and arm chairs. The facade appearance looks amazing with slopping ceiling. The wall lights look shady.

The veranda is equipped with lazy chair and puffs. The chairs are painted in white. The roof is untreated so you can enjoy the sunlight directly. The floor is finished in ceramics, the same pattern with the floor near the pool. 

The dining room equipped with two set of dining table and chairs. The table mode from wood and it is high gloss finished. The chairs are white. Moreover, the table also fitted with the candles. The fans are hanging on the slopping ceiling. The lighting comes from unique pendant lamp hanging upside the dining table.

The kitchen has high standard furniture and appliances. The kitchen cabinet and kitchen island are made from wood and arranged neatly. 

The bed room has white bed and quilt. IT is also fitted with white sofa completed with its cushions. Under the sofa, the floor is covered with soft fur rug. It has some wooden windows and the wall made from tempered glass so you can enjoy the sea view directly from your bed. The curtain is white too. The same with the kitchen, it also ahs fans hanging on the slopping ceiling and the floor also has the same pattern. 

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