Apartments near white rock lake


Apartments near white rock lake

Living in an apartment white paint offers you comfort and safety. So, many people chose to live in this apartment. This is the best apartment with the mostly white color furniture and painting. It is suitable for you who love white. Let’s look each room.
First is the dining room. This room is of course finished in white and mostly the furniture like the dining table, chairs, and glass cabinet are all in white. The white dining table has a good combination color with the green flowers on the vase. The lighting is shine bright like a diamond from the pendant lamp hanging on the roof. The roof also painted in white. The wall side also made from tempered glass and it covered with white curtain.

the white apartments

The same with the dining room, the living room is also in white. It is completed with white puff with grey cushions. The floor finished in white ceramics. There is also a white wooden cabinet in front of the puff. It can be used to display the picture frames and also the other things. Put a vase of flowers in the corner side of the cabinet so it will look nice.  The curtain and the roof are also in white. The TV is big enough and hanging on the wall near the white cabinet.
The kitchen looks fabulous with white furniture and Kitchen Island. There is a vase of white lily in the corner side of the wash basin. The two door freezer is perfectly located after the wash basin. On the kitchen island there are also a vase of green flowers and white flowers.
The bathroom has high quality of furniture. It is completed with bath tub, shower, and wash basin, mirror hanging on the wall, and shower curtain of course. The bead-board here covered with glass.
The bed room is the same with the other rooms that is finished in white. The closet is inside the bed room, you can put your clothes, bag, or shoes on it. This room also completed with white puff and cabinet. Actually, it is a good choice for you who love white color.

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