Amusing Home Accessories


Amusing Home Accessories

Building a new house or buying a new house will make you think to fill it with some new and unique furniture. There are some options for you to fill your new house. Of course you will choose the most suitable one with your home design, your personality, your need and of course your budget. There are some unique furniture and home accessories. Just choose the one suitable with what you want and locate it on the perfect position in your house.
 The first, there are balance chairs. These chairs are really unique. You can test your body balance by sitting in these chairs. This chair made from wood. And the form is like a capsule. The beneath parts of these chair is finished in brown color, while the upside finished in bright red color. It is suitable to put these chairs on the veranda, play ground, or even in the living room. It is up to you. 
The next is slipper rug. This slipper material is like the fur rug and it has grey color. The slipper can be taken and put on this rug. The pattern is perfectly matched with the slipper’s size. There are some unique slippers in this fur rug.
This bed sheet is unique and different with the others. The color is mostly in white. However, the pillow and the bed sheet there are laying to pattern of people in black. They are exactly has the same pattern with human figure. Covered your bed with this sheet and then turn on the white floor lamp in your bed room. Then it will look nice. You also can put some other art works to complete the bed room.
The last one is the biscuit pillow. This pillow is really like a giant biscuit. From the form the pattern and the color is really similar with the real biscuit. Put this biscuit pillow on your sofa, puff, or sofa bed. It will have a nice color combination matching this pillow with white furniture.

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