Amazing Opera Garnier Restaurant

Amazing Opera Garnier Restaurant-Having a dinner in an amazing restaurant with your beloved one in a romantic sensation of course is a happy moment for most of people. Moreover it is in a famous, great, amazing restaurant or maybe in your favorite restaurant with beautiful building design. The beautiful design completed with luxurious furniture. And then you just ordered your favorite menu. 

This Opera Garnier Restaurant is big enough. The walls and the roof mostly painted in white. However, beside the chairs there is also the bead-board and it is painted in red color. The floor covered with simple rug and it has the same color with the bead-board. The bead-board is not covered up the room; the height is about 50 centimeter. The bead-board is design in curve style. So it is like a flicker snakes.
The roof has amazing design; it seems like adapting the European style. This roof has beautiful relief. It is like the roof of a castle completed with big and tall white poles.  There is a wall light in each pole. It makes this look more luxurious. The windows are made in curved design. It is wide enough and covers with tempered glass. 
Moreover, this amazing Opera Garner Restaurant fitted with luxurious furniture. It can be seen from the chair and table. The table is round and it is covered in white. However, the chairs are finished in red. The chair, the table, the bead-board, the wall, and the roof has nice color combination red and white. Furthermore, the tableware has high quality and designed in modern way. 

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