alera elusion series mesh high-back multifunction chair

alera elusion series mesh high-back multifunction chair-After you have build or bought your new house of course then you will think to complete it with your new house with luxurious, or simple, modern, classics furniture. Of course it is will be based on your home design and style, you budget, your personality too. If you like multi-function furniture, you can take this Anti crises chair.

Amazingly, why this chair is called anti crises since it is also can be use to safe your coin. The design is also simple and unique. The color is dominated with wooden appearance and red color on the facade and on the chairs’ legs. This anti crises chair finished in high gloss finished.

multifunctional furniture for small spaces

The top side of this chair is also finished in red. However, there is a whole to put the coins. So you can put your coins here. Whenever you need them just open it. This chair is also equipped with a small saw. Amazingly, the saw is located on the backside of this anti crises chair. It is not separated from the chair. The saw is small and simple. However, this saw has sharp cap. So it will make you easier to use it and it will not take a long time too. The saw completed with wooden hand grip and the inside part is finished in red.

multifunctional bedroom furniture

Finally, the time when you need the coin, just take saw.  And then, cut the red part of the front chair. After that you will get your coins from this anti crises chair. It is unique right. You can safe your coins in a unique and simple way.

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